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Helping Poor Families




The economic conditions in Pakistan are in a bad stage. So here people do not have the developing opportunities as compared to other developed countries of the world.



Therefore, Christians in Pakistan are neither much educated nor have good jobs. Most of the Christians are working as labors on brick kilns, constructions and as sweepers. Their income do not reach above from $2 to $3 per day. Many people work for 18 hours a day and yet cannot get their needs fulfilled.


LICM help these people time to time financially with moral support. We are planning for future to get some fine resources to access some small home businesses for these people to avail the basic needs. We want our Christian brothers and sisters in Pakistan to be strong in their faith and socially as well. God is helping us in this all and we know He will do this for future as well.


Your donations, prayers, moral and financial support is desperately needed and highly appreciated. You may donate through Western Union, Money Gram or you can send us gift on our Head Office address.


Thanking you for your generous consideration.

Ev. Zeeshan Javed

Founder and President,
Life in Christ Ministries (LICM)