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Translation Ministry




LICM is richly blessed with the pastors and leaders of the community who are professional in different fields who generously give their time to the Orphanage Home and the Ministry voluntarily.


At present we are translating English to major languages of Asia, i. e. Urdu, Arabic, Hindi, Punjabi, Pashto, Sindhi, Sariki and Balochi also. Brother Zeeshan takes care for the translation work with a team of other good translators, and we remain faithful to the source document in our translation services.


We pay our translation services voluntarily and for honorarium. You are most welcome to ask for LIC Ministries’ translation services for a book translation, for article, studies and for any teaching’s translations.


Using the LICM translation services will not only enhance our group’s knowledge and information, rather it may also help a child with food, shelter, clothes and Quality education!


For Further Information, Please contact us: